South Florida Company is Creating the Future of Sales and Anyone Can be Part of It

Traq365 just launched a crowdfunding campaign for its highly innovative, AI-powered sales intelligence solution and is looking for investors.

18 September 2021, South Florida, United States – Traq365 offers investors the opportunity to be a part of the AI sales revolution for a minimal investment of $250. The company offers a complete AI platform to help businesses access essential sales insights, increase effectiveness, and maximize sales.

Before Traq365, the vast majority of information discussed during daily sales conversations was lost forever because there was no easy way to capture and analyze it. Now, through accurate conversation capture and powerful AI analysis, the Traq365 AI solution allows sales departments to finally harness the power of the sales conversation.

Conversation intelligence is a fast-growing subset of AI as data-driven companies are adopting the technology at a fast pace and quickly seeing returns. Now is a great time to invest in this billion-dollar market opportunity.

Traq365 CEO Adam Rubenstein is a highly accomplished, successful serial founder with three prior exits; the company’s leadership team has over 50 years of experience in business logistics, sales, and IT.

“In the 25 years we’ve led sales teams, we never found a sales solution that effectively demystified buyer behavior, illuminating opportunities and risks to our deals, or brought clarity to our sales pipeline. We built Traq365 to deliver this visibility using proprietary artificial intelligence to accelerate deals and generate more revenue,” says Adam Rubenstein, CEO, Traq365

“Traq365 is Making the future of AI in sales data happen,” says Ted Kelley, Certified Business Advisor.

Users save time and effort involved in understanding customer needs, and this vital knowledge enables them to achieve new levels of success. The AI-based technology also offers insightful, data-driven tips on strategic approaches to better handle sales.

Traq365 AI records sales calls and uses information from the call to identify patterns, risks, and opportunities. The software then decodes customer behavior using this information.

Through its proprietary AI-based technology, Traq365 provides sentiment scores and Traq scores, which are useful markers of the impact of each call on the buyer’s propensity to buy – and powerful enough to predict the call’s outcome.

Captures Every Conversation: Traq365 is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that makes it easy to capture the important daily conversations between sales representatives and their clients and prospects.

Detailed Analysis and Data Mining: The AI then objectively analyzes and evaluates the content of each call – meaning that organizations no longer need dedicated teams for customer-centric research.

Identification of Trends and Patterns: Trends, patterns, probable results, and other information regarding the call are then communicated to sales leaders efficiently. It would take hours of observation and effort to do this without the help of AI-powered software.

Insights and Actionable Intelligence: Traq365 provides actionable insights, suggestions, and tips to improve business conversion rates. The software offers unparalleled customer data and insights.
If you are looking to invest in an exciting, fast-growing new technology, join Traq365 and the AI sales revolution. Simply head over to today.

About Traq365:
Traq365 is an innovative tech startup that offers sales intelligence solutions to businesses. The main goal of the company is to help clients achieve optimal visibility into the sales narrative.