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A Smarter Approach to Sales Intelligence

Traq365 is a tech solution to a human problem: a lack of visibility into the sales narrative. Sales professionals work hard to engage buyers and hit goals, but they’re persistently hindered by unseen risks, undocumented questions and unknown objections.

Traq365 eliminates these painful intelligence gaps by leveraging AI and machine learning in unique ways to extract actionable, deal-winning insights that move deals forward. Our solution gives sales managers unparalleled visibility into their sales pipelines, too.

The Problems We Solve

Sales conversations often brim with subtle “between the lines” information about the health of a deal, buyer sentiment and other nuances that impact the sales process. Unfortunately, with the fast pace of sales, it’s almost impossible for anyone to reliably observe and thoroughly document these details. And even when they do, key challenges still persist:

Cumbersome Documentation Processes

Manual notetaking and CRM data entry take valuable time away from selling … and there’s never enough time to properly write down and store every detail.

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No Unified View of Sales Conversations

Worse still, the arcane complexity of CRMs often sabotage the effectiveness of those notes. Critical information gets lost or overlooked, and can’t be used to inform the sales process.

No Clear Visibility into Deals

With no easy way to review critical data, sales leaders lack key information to coach their teams, evaluate the health of accounts and opportunities, and improve sales strategies.

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How We’re Different

Traq365 puts the buyer front and center in its AI analysis, delivering a multidimensional view of your team’s sales calls. This is a major improvement over other solutions that focus exclusively on the rep’s side of a sales call, or aggregate deal information in rudimentary ways.

We unearth the kind of fine details and sentiment that help reps build great relationships with buyers … and create proactive, impactful conversations.

Superior Technology, Comprehensive Analysis

  • We record and accurately transcribe the organic, unstructured information that buyers provide in sales calls
  • We transform this information into structured data that can be analyzed again and again
  • Our AI processes this data into customizable reports that reveal the unique insights most important to your team
  • This analysis is presented as easy-to-understand content that can be exported to your CRM
  • Traq365 extracts opportunities and intelligence that humans can’t easily identify in manual reviews of sales notes
  • This makes it easier to spot emerging trends, understand customer needs, secure additional revenue and more

The Unique Value We Provide

Traq365 helps sales organizations better manage—and even predict—deal outcomes, and design strategies that make the difference between winning and losing a sale.

Deeper Customer Insights

By mining notes and customer conversations, Traq365 yields a better understanding of buyer priorities, and where there’s opportunity to act or improve.

Rapid Risk Identification

Traq365’s analysis of all recorded customer conversations unveils risks, sentiment changes and objections that would otherwise be missed through traditional means.

Greater Sales Accountability

Comprehensive call analysis and enhanced pipeline visibility empower managers to identify opportunities for performance and process improvement.

Precise Account Reviews & Strategies

Data-driven analysis of account notes means account reviews are less subjective and less reliant upon the sales team’s memory.

Sales Intelligence That Continually Improves

Traq365’s AI-powered insights continuously improve over time. From the first moment you use our solution, every question, concern and opportunity is logged and analyzed.

As this conversational data grows, our AI intelligently adapts to your unique sales process and needs, resulting in razor-sharp insights that are custom-built for your organization.

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Made for Sales Leaders

Traq365 is purpose-built to optimize teamwide efficiency, collaboration and improvement.

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Built for Sales Reps

Eliminate the distractions of notetaking, and get the inside track on what your buyer really thinks.

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Deal-Winning Capabilities

Learn about our suite of technologies that transcend transcription and extract real sales insights.

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