Use Traq365 to capture, transcribe, and analyze your meetings.

Get access to Traq365’s recording, transcription, and analysis.

Traq365 helps you capture and transcribe your valuable conversations, and uncover the intelligence you need to move deals forward. Stop wasting time taking notes and unlock the revenue potential in every conversation.

Fast Facts

  • Platform Agnostic: Traq365 can be used with any web conferencing technology
  • Record and Transcribe conversations from your PC and Chrome Browser
  • Works with any headset connected to your PC
  • You can replay the conversation at a later date to hear any section of the call.
  • The audio file and transcribed text are synchronized so you can see and hear what was being said at any time.

Stop Taking notes

  • Capture online meetings easily with recording and transcription
  • Never miss a word
  • Use Traq365 with any conferencing platform
  • Identify insights and actionable intelligence automatically

System Requirements

  • Traq365 is designed to work on PC’s using the Google Chrome browser; results may vary on other browsers.
  • Headset recording is not yet supported on a Mac.
  • Transcription is free for the first 10 hours; it’s $2.90 USD per hour thereafter
  • Transcription quality depends on audio quality. Use a good headset for best transcription results
  • Audio capture is dual channel. The Traq365 user is on Channel 1; everyone else on the call is on Channel 2.

Get started with Traq365 and stop taking notes.