Simplify the Sale. Win More Deals.

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Simplify the Sale. Win More Deals.

14-Day Free Trial

Traq365 is Artificial Intelligence for (Sales) People

Traq365 makes you a better salesperson by recording and transcribing your sales calls, and then analyzing them with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. It extracts critical, often unseen “between the lines” information about buyer sentiment, risks to the deal, ways to level up your sales game and more.

It’s your brilliant personal assistant, data analyst and sales coach, all in one.

Put Your Spotlight on the Buyer

Deals aren’t won by talking to buyers. They’re won by listening to them. But continuous notetaking and distracting CRM management can derail the kind of clear critical thinking that’s needed to create relevant next steps and deal-winning strategies.

Traq365 changes all that. We empower you to do your best work by focusing your full attention on buyers’ needs. Our AI analysis transforms the subtle details of your calls into actionable insights that dazzle buyers and close deals.

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Effortlessly Capture the Sales Conversation

Nobody can remember every word and detail mentioned in a sales conversation … but Traq365 can. As you engage the buyer, Traq365 captures and accurately transcribes every question, need, objection and concern.

  • Dramatically improve your listening and responses during calls.
  • Get a complete recording and transcription immediately after every call.
  • Never miss the critical details a buyer shares that, when ignored, sends them into the competition’s waiting arms.

Get Rapid Analysis for Opportunities, Risks & More

Traq365 illuminates the vital information that you noticed during your call … and the critical details that you didn’t. It automatically identifies Opportunities, Risks, Topics, Follow-Up Tasks and more. This means you’re always prepared for the next call.

  • Get accurate, organized, actionable deal intelligence moments after every call.
  • Data-based follow-up actions eliminate misunderstandings, ensuring you’re working on exactly what the buyer cares about.
  • The more you use Traq365 to analyze your calls, the smarter it becomes—resulting in incredibly relevant sales intel.
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Collaborate Like Never Before

Look like a superstar by effortlessly sharing Traq365’s transcriptions and analysis with sales managers, solution engineers, account managers and more. Teammates can share their own reports with you, too.

  • Gain the vital intelligence you need, and then give or get advice right away.
  • Be on the same page as your support team, since everyone has the same visibility into buyer concerns.
  • Hone your skills by reviewing other team members’ sales conversations and learning from their approach.

Close More Deals, Faster

Armed with AI-powered insights, you can immediately see—and implement—the kind of tactics that rapidly move deals forward. Traq365 detects gaps in your sales journey, unearths hidden opportunities, reveals what your buyer is actually thinking, and more.

  • This kind of data-driven collaboration leads to new (and better) ways to engage, draw out, inform or convince your buyer.
  • Traq365’s analysis ignores the numerous distractions and dead-ends that occur on calls, enabling you to focus on the topics that actually matter.
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Simplify Complex Sales—Today and Tomorrow

As deals move forward, they get more complex … which means more call details can slip through the cracks. With Traq365, you can efficiently backtrack to earlier conversations and concerns, effectively address them, and save the day—and the sale—in the process.

  • Leverage your superior insights and sales intelligence at any time to improve how you drive this sale—and all others.
  • Whether you’re in the Winners Circle or not, Traq365 empowers you to become more efficient and effective, accelerating results and pushing you further than ever before.

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Traq365 is purpose-built to optimize teamwide efficiency, collaboration and improvement.

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Learn about our suite of technologies that transcend transcription and extract real sales insights.

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Let’s Get Started

Learn how we can take your team’s sales revenue and performance to the next level.

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