Making a Recruiter’s Life Easier

In the demanding world of recruiting, there isn’t a minute to waste. You’re juggling hundreds of applications, countless phone screens, and the demands of both the hiring managers and candidates — that’s a lot to do, every single day. So it’s no surprise that you don’t enjoy the more tedious tasks, like keeping track of every conversation, sharing notes, or finding the right file in the resume haystack.

Traq365 is a powerful note-taking and conversation intelligence app that can be downloaded on your computer or phone. You can even convert your notes or conversations into tasks for yourself or others. You can assign the tasks to yourself as a reminder or assign the task to others in your organization and track their progress.

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Simplify and Enhance Daily Tasks

Traq365 can be used in different ways according to your needs, and you can choose to either record or transcribe – or both. You can also dictate your own notes, as needed. Traq365 is compatible with any major conferencing tool including Bluejeans, Google Meets, GoToMeeting, Jitsi, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, WebEx, and Zoom.

Learn and Share Information, Easily

Within each transcription, you can select specific areas to focus on — these Highlights are then displayed within the call and within the Call Report. You can also share your conversations with collaborators by sending a link to an Audio file or Transcription.

Stay Organized

Never again have to hunt for lost information: attach candidate resumes to the call, so all their data is in one place.


  • Records* and transcribes your conversations to enhance productivity
  • Provides both an Audio file and a Transcription for easy reference
  • Organizes the transcriptions into convenient, searchable categories
  • Custom reporting functions
  • Easy to share, standard-format audio and notes
  • Available on iTunes and Google Play
  • Personally-identifiable data protected by HIPAA certification
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