Sales Planning - Powerful Possibilities with AI 1

Sales Planning – Powerful Possibilities with AI

In a world where sales is more fast-paced, competitive and demanding than ever, AI technologies can provide an edge to empower every team, in every company.

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Effective sales time management

7 Steps to a More Productive Day

Follow these 7 steps and optimize your sales time management to reach record-breaking quarters instead of facing a prolonged, painful slump.

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A sale is won because of precision, small details, and the results of continuous work and improvement.

Sales Are Won and Lost on A Razor’s Edge

Sales are won because of precision, small details, and continuous improvement. Learn how technology helps you listen and understand the sales narrative better.

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overcome sales cold reluctance

Overcome Cold Calling Reluctance

Cold calling isn’t dead, it’s just really painful. With this simple approach, you can help your sales team turn their reluctance into enthusiasm.

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The Beating Heart of Every Sale 2

The Beating Heart of Every Sale

The beating heart of every sale is the communication between buyer and seller; every salesperson should be making a special effort to capture and document this communication thoughtfully, carefully and completely.

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Sales as a Science 3

Sales as a Science

Great salespeople look for external advantages. Always on the prowl for any new technology that will give them an advantage to improved sales performance.

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The sales narrative is created by language, not numbers

Converting Words into Data

While organizations are spending ample resources on tying the abundance of digital data to marketing efforts and media strategies, they’re not applying the same resources toward leveraging that data in their sales organization.

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Data and AI to close more sales is the MoneyBall approach to sales

How Moneyball Can Revolutionize the Future of Sales

Saddled with big expectations for his team but a limited (some said laughable) budget, he needed to identify lower-salaried players who could get on base with equal or greater frequency than the expensive players that he could not afford.

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Building a Better Sales Productivity Platform: Traq365 4

Building a Better Sales Productivity Platform: Traq365

Deals are driven by details. The conversation you had with a prospect about their shifting business challenges, or the customer service issue that surfaced in your last meeting that’s putting revenue at risk.

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Join the sales AI revolution

Join the AI sales revolution

imagine using AI to analyze the mountains of sales documents you have and summarize them, helping you more easily find what you’re looking for later – especially when your boss asks about notes from a meeting several months ago, or a prospect analysis you did last year.

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