We’re frustrated.

We’ve been working in sales for 25 years, and during that entire time, we haven’t found a sales productivity tool that helped us with the most important thing: capturing all of the most important information about each sales opportunity in one place.

We’re tired of chasing down important deal information. We’re angry with ourselves for letting time-sensitive sales tasks slip through the cracks. We’re frustrated with our lack of visibility into the risks that prospects share with us. We know it’s time for a better solution.

CRMs are great for managing sales organizations, but they’re terrible for managing the day-to-day work of stewarding deals through the pipeline, communicating with prospects, and capturing the important details that can make or break an opportunity.

We call this the Sales Narrative. It’s the complete story of an opportunity, from the details about our stakeholders to the potential risks and upsides that are native to each deal. And it’s the lifeblood of the sale. To date, we’ve had to rely on a hodgepodge of tools to capture all of this critical information. Note-taking apps. Spreadsheets. Documents. Emails.

But that approach is messy. Complicated. And too easy for critical information to slip through the cracks.

We built Traq365 to fix this. It’s a one-stop platform to connect the dots in the sales narrative and put all of the actionable intelligence we need to close deals in a single place. It plays nicely with CRMs and compliments their capabilities. And it creates a home base for top-performing sales professionals and managers to navigate the more human-powered, qualitative aspects of every sales opportunity.

Using both data encoding and artificial intelligence, Traq365 captures and presents each sales narrative in a format that drives sales success. We will:

  • Make it easy for sales people to capture the details and intel they need to move deals forward;
  • Mine notes, documents, and information using AI to surface the actionable intelligence sales professionals need most;
  • Empower smarter and more informed sales strategies;
  • Help companies and sales teams win more often.

Sales is hard enough already. So our quest is to create a sales platform that’s better than anything that’s been built before and put the power of the sales narrative back where it belongs: in the hands of every salesperson.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs who have built the ultimate sales application designed by and for top-performing sales professionals. Traq365 is our fresh look at sales productivity and we’re proud to share it with you, but we’re just getting started.

Developing great software is a combination of passion, inspiration, and perspiration, and we have plenty of all of them to spare. Our dedication combined with your ideas will be the foundation of a groundbreaking solution. And we can’t wait to build it with you. If you’d like to be part of the new sales revolution we’re building, learn how Traq365 works or just give Traq365 a try.

Warm regards,
Adam, Chris, Diego, & Pete