Conversation data is the sales team’s secret weapon.

Closing deals isn’t about how many calls you make or how long they are. It’s about the contents of those critical conversations.

Every time a sales pro talks to a prospect, they’re uncovering insights about risks, opportunities, and other important factors in their decision process. And patterns across conversations can reveal the strengths and weaknesses in every sales organization.

Traq365 will make sure you never miss a critical sales signal again.

Get Better Conversation Data


Traq365 makes it easy and automatic to capture notes, record calls, and transcribe conversations with a click.


In every sales conversation there are important signals about opportunities, risks, and tasks. Traq365’s artificial intelligence surfaces the insights you need to act on.


Traq365 gives managers and top performers a comprehensive view of each sale and the patterns across deals so they can diagnose, coach, and improve sales performance.

Traq365 is the missing link in sales productivity.

Our platform is the result of our team’s 20+ years of experience and frustration with the state of sales technology and its negative impact on sales performance. We believe the right account intelligence dramatically accelerates sales, but too much of it gets lost throughout the sales narrative, trapped in disparate applications – like notes, emails, and independent documents – that make it impossible to find, review, and use.

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Start capturing and analyzing your conversations now, and reap the benefits.

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